Origins 'GinZing' Mascara Review

Origins 'GinZing' Mascara Review

A while back I bought a mascara from Origins. I was absolutely loving it and how it was on my eyelashes. Although, I soon stopped using it after it became quite clumpy on the brush. I swapped to another mascara that I owned soon after it began clumping up. Recently I decided to clean off the brush to see if it would do the mascara any good, and it did! Once again I am able to enjoy this amazing mascara.

IMGP7220 (640x119)

This is what the mascara looks like.

IMGP7236 (640x432)

And this is the brush.

The mascara wand itself is quite big but not too large. I have quite short and sparse eyelashes and so I need a mascara that will help exaggerate them a little more to define my eyes and add a bit to length. As well as them naturally being short I have blonde hair, meaning that they look even shorter than they actually are so it is even more important for the mascara to take to all of the eyelashes thoroughly.

Recently I purchased another item from Origins and within this purchase I got a free sample mascara. Even though I already had the larger version of this mascara I was keen to try it out as I was wondering whether it would be just as good in a compact space, and it is!

IMGP7221 (640x128)

Here is the Origins mascara as a sample.

IMGP7218 (640x186)

And here is the two beside each other. As you can see the sample is not much smaller than the larger version. I was amazed by how good the sample genuinely was. The brush size was slightly wider in the sample, and in some ways it worked even better for me.

Here’s both the original mascara brush, and the sample mascara brush.

IMGP7236 (640x432)     Original

IMGP7238 (640x431)     Sample

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