DIY Wreath

DIY Wreath

Recently I was looking at some supplies around my house and came across a load of cardboard. I was just about to put this in the bin when I had an idea of what to do with it. I decided that I could use some scrap materials lying around to make a wreath. Obviously this wreath is so easily customisable and you could use so many different materials to make your own wreath. Although in my case I used netting.

photo 1-4 (594x640)What I used for my wreath is cardboard, netting, and scissors. Although, there are many different variations of this craft.

photo 3-4 (546x640)

I began by cutting out a circle with a 5 inch radius, with an estimated 2 inch border before cutting another circle inside. This will be the main structure for my wreath.

On that I will begin to tie on my netting. I simply straightened it on the front, and tie it in a double knot at the back.

photo 5-3 (523x640)

I continued to do this over the whole of the wreath. (Please ignore the wool. It was my first attempt, but I soon prefered the netting).

photo 4-3 (511x640)photo 1-5 (516x640)

photo 2-4 (548x640)photo 3-5 (559x640)

The thing that I love about this craft is how versatile it is. Many other materials you could use are buttons, pom poms, wool, fabric, and many more. Your only limit is your imagination. This is also great for children to make, as it really is that easy. I hope you all have loads of fun with this DIY wreath!

photo 4-4 (534x640)

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