Bath and Body Works Haul

Bath and Body Works Haul

I’ve wished for a long time that Bath and Body Works would ship to Europe. I’ve always heard so many good reviews from anyone who has bought Bath and Body Works items. Finally I found a way that I could get my hands on some of the Bath and Body Works products, without going to America. I found an online shop called The Bath and Body Shop. It is seriously AMAZING! I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical about the website at first as it seemed a bit too good to be true. Considering that this shop is based within the UK, and so the products would have to be brought in from America, each Bath and Body Work item only costs approximately £1 to £2 more than the price is would be originally in America. Although, I am happy to announce that this shop, from what I have both heard from others and witnessed myself, is completely reliable.

After deciding that I would give it a try I had to choose between the mass amount of products that the Bath and Body Shop supplied.

I came to the decision that I wanted to buy one of their hand sanitizers and body mists.


These were the two hand sanitizers (Pocket Bac) that I chose. I firstly decided to buy the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent. I chose this scent as I have heard that it is one of the favourites, if not the favourite.

The description of Warm Vanilla Sugar on the website is a ‘sweet indulgence of sheer florals, vanilla absolute & sandalwood’. For me it seems like a Winter or Christmas scent, although I know that I’m still going to love using it throughout this Spring and Summer. I would say that the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent is my favourite scent out of the ones that I currently have.

The other hand sanitizer that I bought was the Raspberry Pink Peony. The description for this scent is; ‘juicy raspberry, peony petals and soft vanilla’. This scent accompanies the season a lot better. It is a Summer scent and consists of fruity, floral notes.

Each hand sanitizer costs £2.10 on The Bath and Body Shop website.


To go with the hand sanitizers, I bought a Pocket Bac holder. Due to the product types being limited as The Bath and Body Shop is based in the UK, you would receive a Pocket Bac colour at random. Usually I like to know exactly what it is that I am getting, although it was nice to have a surprise. Plus the great thing about this type of Pocket Bac is that it was really cheap at £1.60.


The second type of product that I bought was a mist. I saw this one, which is called Love and Sunshine. I wanted to get this one instantly, although I have to admit that I was mainly drawn towards it because of the cute packaging. Only after looking on the Bath and Body Works website did I realise that it was a new scent to Bath and Body Works, and it is one of the staple Spring scents.

The description for the Love and Sunshine mist is ‘a bright, happy blend of sun-kissed daisies, fresh lemons and sweet strawberries’. As well as that, there is also a strong scent of melon. It is a really fresh scent, perfect for this time of year, something I can see myself using all Spring and Summer.

The mist costs £10.99, which may be slightly more pricey, but the scent is seriously gorgeous, and it is 236ml so will last for ages.


Finally I got a foaming hand soap. My mum helped me decide which scent to get as there were so many amazing ones to choose from. She chose White Lily and Lime, and I am so happy with her decision. It leaves a beautiful fresh scent, with some floral notes. It is perfect as a hand soap as it is a little more subtle in comparison to the mist and hand sanitizers. The actual description is ‘ refreshing scent of sweet lime, mint leaves & yuzu zest’.

This product cost £6.50 in The Bath and Body Shop.

Overall I was really pleased with my purchases and I am loving using them. I would definitely recommend The Bath and Body Works products. I would say if you were someone within the UK or Europe and wanted to get your hands on these items that The Bath and Body Shop is a great, legitimate shop to use and I would rate their service 5 star. I bought the items on their website on the Wednesday and received them on the Friday. They have a great, wide range of scents and products available and have amazing prices.

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