Tanya Burr Lip gloss ~ ‘Picnic in the Park’ Review

Tanya Burr Lip gloss ~ ‘Picnic in the Park’ Review

I have had this lip gloss for a while now, and wear it on a daily basis. I often check out Tanya’s videos on YouTube, and so heard immediately when these were released, which seems like so long ago now, way over a year! But still I am so behind, as I only bought my first lip gloss in about January. (I know, I know… I’m so bad!)

Anyway, I had the difficult decision in January of which lip gloss to buy. I went with the shade with the best reviews, and the one that I thought would suit me the most, this being ‘Picnic in the Park’. I can tell you now that it was the perfect decision, as I completely fell in love with this colour!!

I have always been the kind of person that would play it safe with my lip colours, mainly using nudes. Although around the time of buying this lip gloss, I decided that I wanted to try experimenting with the colours that I was using, I thought a great start would be to still use pinks, but to use brighter, and darker colours.

IMGP7270 (640x412)

IMGP7265 (253x640)

This is the lip gloss. It is the most beautiful shade, and is very vibrant. I’m really loving these kind of pink shades at the moment. As well as the colour being so pretty, the consistency of the lip gloss is also perfect! It’s still got the glossy consistency, leaving it moisturising, although it also manages to stay on my lips, without needing to be topped up, for hours!

photo 2

This is the colour of the lip gloss. You can see what a beautiful shade it really is. The colour goes with so many different looks, and is just perfect!!

These lip glosses are usually £6.99, but as I bought mine from FragranceDirect I only had to pay £1.99!! I love this site so much, and they offer great deals on both fragrances, and makeup!

As you can probably tell I am completely in love with Tanya Burr’s lip gloss range! I would definitely recommend this shade, and her lip glosses generally. Although I do understand that I haven’t tried any of her other shades, so I can’t come to a conclusion of which colour I prefer.

I have actually bought two more of these lip glosses online today, so hopefully they will come super soon, and I can try out some more of the shades. So be sure to like this post and comment, and let me know if you want me to review the new lip glosses when they arrive, as well as follow me to find out what exactly my next post will be on!


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