Yankee Candle Collection

Yankee Candle Collection

I LOVE candles, with an absolute passion! I need a constant supply throughout the Autumn and Winter months, as it helps bring warmth into the room and house when it is usually so dull, dark, and cold outside. This has led to a growing collection of Yankee Candles. I don’t really have many other brands, I’m not really quite sure why, I’ve always just stuck to the one that I know best. Although, Yankee Candles are AMAZING! I now have a large variety of scents, for many different occasions.

I have some Yankee Candles in my bedroom, although most of the Yankee Candles are downstairs in the lounge, for the whole family to enjoy.

I prefer to use the wax tarts, as they are so cheap, and last for such a long time.

IMGP7444 (640x191)

(left to right) Baby Powder, Clean Cotton, Fluffy Towels, Shea Butter, Waikiki Melon, Sicilian Lemon.

These are all of the really fresh scents. None of them are too special in colour, apart from Sicilian Lemon, which is a bright yellow, although smell so amazing! They are all brilliant scents that you can use all year round, although especially during the Spring and Summer. This is great as it really encourages me to use my candles all year round. These are kept downstairs, as well as the next picture.

IMGP7447 (640x149)

(left to right) Fruit Fusion, Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla Chai, Lemon Lavender, Garden Sweet Pea, Turquoise Sky, Black Cherry, Moroccan Argan Oil.

All of these scents are very different, although I love them all! Some of my favourites are Garden Sweet Pea, Turquoise Sky, and Lemon Lavender.

IMGP7448 (640x162)

(left to right) Sweet Apple, Nature’s Paintbrush, Vanilla Lime, Christmas Garland, November Rain, Witches’ Brew.

These are all kept in my room, and are my personal ones. They include some scents for different seasons, some for all year round, and some for different occasions (Halloween and Christmas). I love all of my wax tarts! Although their formation is a little bit messy compared to the ones from downstairs.

IMGP7482 (640x638)IMGP7483 (595x640)

This is my wax tart holder. It is orange and white, with flowers over all of the sides. It is so cute, and I find both the shape and decoration adorable, although I did come across a bit of a problem. As could be seen in the last picture of the wax tarts, they do not slide out of the holder due to its material, so I have to heat up the tart just enough to loosen it.

IMGP7466 (581x640)IMGP7467 (562x640)

This is the wax tart holder that we have downstairs, in our lounge. My mum decided to buy this one. It is a lot bolder in colour and style, in comparison to the holder in my room, although it is just as cute! The positive aspect about this holder, is that once the wax tart has fully cooled, it is so much easier to remove it, contrasting the one in my bedroom.

IMGP7470 (607x640)

IMGP7478 (487x640)

IMGP7476 (591x640)

These are the Yankee Candles within the jar. I have one small one in my room, called Pink Dragon Fruit. I love this one to absolute pieces!! It is such an amazing fruity and fresh scent! I would really recommend getting it!

The other two are large jars, and are both from the Christmas range. They are Christmas Eve, and Season of Peace. Both of these aren’t too subtle, or too strong, and are perfect as a Christmas/Winter addition! We relight these every year.

As you can probably tell by now I have a bit of a Yankee Candle addiction!! The great thing about Yankee Candle is that they have so many scents to choose from, so you are sure to find one that you like! This is why I love the wax tarts, because I can get so many for my money, getting to stop between the scents often.

Leave suggestions below of any other brand of candle that you think I should try, and let me know your favourite Yankee Candle scent!!


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