DIY Earphone Holder

DIY Earphone Holder

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I bet that a lot of us can relate to the main problem with earphones. Every time you grab them they are all knotted together. It takes me 5 minutes each time before using them to de-tangle them! Finally I found an amazing craft, which fixes this crazy problem!! This craft is so easy and uses minimal items, which you are sure to have lying around your house.

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This is all that you need;

  • 2 clothes pegs
  • Paints/Pens (anything to decorate)
  • Hot glue gun/superglue
  • Pencil
  • Earphones

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Step 1: Decorate the clothes pegs. I used pens (specifically made for materials, such as wood). Although the possibilities are endless for how you can decorate them.

IMGP7538 (640x403)

Step 2: Glue the clothes pegs together along the straight edge, facing opposite ways.

IMGP7541 (640x417)

And that is it!! As I said, this craft is one of the easiest ones I have ever done, and still one of the most useful!

I hope you all enjoy making this, and that it helps you keep these pesky earphones tidy.

Comment below if you try this craft out, and let me know how it goes!!


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