Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

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This wasn’t really a necessary purchase, but is loved, and definitely used… A LOT!! I’ve never paid a lot of attention to my hair, as it’s always been so short and I’ve never been able to do much with it. Although, within the past couple of years it has got to the length that I really love! Now I’m a lot more conscious of what I am doing to my hair, and I make a lot more effort to keep it as strong and healthy as possible! As well as a change of hair care products, and less frequent use of styling tools, I also finally got myself one of the largely talked about Tangle Teezers!! I wasn’t really too sure how good these things would really be, as there are a lot of mixed reviews out there.

I mainly decided to pick it up as I was going out on a school trip for a couple of days and the only hair brushes I did have were massive and bulky. This brought me to the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler. I thought that this brush would be perfect to bring with me on a school trip as it is small, it has a cover so it wouldn’t get damaged, but also I really wanted to finally try out the brand. And I have to say I LOVE IT!! I could not even begin to tell you how amazing this brush really is! I got that there were quite a lot of people raving about this product, but I also knew of so many people who said that it really didn’t live up to expectations and didn’t really perform that well, but I beg to differ with those people, as for me this is THE BEST brush I have ever used!! I didn’t have hair that would be impossible to de-tangle in the first place, but now, alongside my current hair care routine, my Tangle Teezer literally sweeps through my hair in one swift motion, pain-free, and almost effortless!

Although, one of my main problems with this brush though is the price! It’s pretty expensive for a small brush, at a hefty £12.49 in Boots!! I do admit that I think it’s quite a bit overpriced, although I love it so much, and it is tonnes better than any of my other brushes or combs, and so I’ve got to say that I am really happy that I did buy it eventually!

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