What I Bought- Holiday Edition!

What I Bought- Holiday Edition!

The last week of August I went on holiday to France with my family. I’m not going to tell you much about the holiday as I’m planning on uploading pictures from it within the next week or two. Anyway, when away I picked up a couple of bits, so thought I could show you exactly what I got whilst over there.

First of all I bought myself a couple of colouring books and pens. I know that this seems like nothing, but we were going to be travelling by train that day, so I thought that it would be a good idea to do a bit of colouring, and anytime in the hotel when bored. I have been wanting to pick up one of these books at home for a long time, as the amount of adult/advanced colouring books that have come out recently is astonishing!!

IMGP7624 (640x595) (2)

These were all of the colouring bits that I bought. At the top left are the fine line pens that I bought to go with the colouring pictures at the bottom left. And on the right is a colouring book, that I am likely to colour in with pencils instead, as the paper is thinner.

IMGP7628 (640x372)IMGP7629 (640x425)

This is the colouring book. As you can see I really wanted find one that would remind me of France, and where I bought it, every time that I used it. I struggled to find one with more French other than the title, although in this book every page consists of a paragraph, mainly about relaxing. I love this about this book. As well as this, the pictures within are just adorable.

IMGP7647 (640x512)

Rather than a colouring book, this one has postcards. I wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but thought that it was pretty cute. It was either this one, that was less money, or a larger one that cost more but didn’t have the postcard effect at the back of the design. I ended up going for the smaller version, and have been in love with spending a bit of time every night, winding down, doing a bit of colouring!

IMGP7650 (640x424)IMGP7649 (640x466)

These are the two that I have already completed.

IMGP7648 (640x547)

This is the one that I’m in the process of colouring.

IMGP7651 (640x419)

And this is the one that I am hoping on colouring in next. I think that this one is my favourite design, and it is just so sweet! All of the designs of these postcards are so beautiful!!

IMGP7640 (640x511)

These are the pens that I bought to go with the postcards. They are the cutest colours. They are very girly colours, but who cares, they’re pretty, so I got them!!

IMGP7618 (640x458)

Later on in the week I ended up finding these beauties. My Mam was the one who was walking around and came across the shop, and I’m sooo happy that she did!! The shop was called Bensimon. I’m even happier that I bought them in the shop there and then, because I wasn’t going to, and online they are strangely a lot more expensive, and they don’t all of the same shoes online.

IMGP7620 (640x537)

This is the most adorable pair of shoes that I probably own! These are called the Tennis Liberty E shoes, in the colour paquerette.

IMGP7621 (640x517)

I can’t find this shoe anywhere. With a bit of hunting around, I found that it looks just like the Ballerine Colorpois, although I can’t find it in this colour at all!

These are my most comfortable shoes though, as the material is so soft!!

Just before we went home on the train we looked at the duty-free shops. My Mam and Dad ended up buying me the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume, which I have been wanting for such a long time now, although I won’t be getting it until the end of October, as I’m going to wait to have it as a birthday present instead.


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