10 Dumb Yahoo Questions

10 Dumb Yahoo Questions

I love looking through Yahoo Answers and seeing all sorts of weird and ridiculous questions. So, today I thought that I would share 10 of my favourites.

asking questions (2) (640x125)

This one just says it all! Now, I get that they can’t actually be serious, but I still laughed so hard at this question!! What I did love though, was how all of the answers were very genuine, and people were actually just letting this person know how to ask a question on Yahoo.

caps lock (2) (640x155)

I love the idea that this person is panicking so much about their caps lock being on, and it apparently ‘ruining their life’

2+2=5 (2) (640x101)

No, just no!

mom (2) (640x135)

The answers to this question were amazing! I really hope this woman isn’t serious, or else I am worried about her, big time, and I recommend some biology lessons to her, because she needs them!

didn't have sex (2) (640x116)

Who’s going to break the news?

mom's bra (2) (640x135)

I think I may have cried, I was laughing at this one so much! Are you serious?!? I would’ve loved to have seen his mother’s reaction!!

sun (2) (640x109)

Bless… No, no it won’t…

gifs (2) (640x123)

I wonder why a printer won’t print gifs?! Really I wonder about you!

boil headphones (2) (640x149)

I love the idea that he used them for ‘evil’, and how much detail this person goes into about boiling the headphones.

unbake a cake (2)

This is one of my favourite questions, partly because I love the idea of them obviously wanting to unbake a cake, or at least thinking about it, but also because of how funny some of the comments were…

answers (2) (640x307)

I love the second answer in particular!

Well, I hope this gave you a laugh, as it definitely gave me one!


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