French Holiday – Avignon (Part 1)

French Holiday – Avignon (Part 1)

Finally, between all of my school and homework, I’ve found time to sort through my pictures from my holiday! Today I’m just going to show you some of the random pictures from the couple of days.

Here are some of the views from the balcony from my hotel room;

panorama (800x299)

view (800x599)

night balcony (800x577)

clock (640x418)

A beautiful double rainbow;

Rainbow (640x461)

I looked down and saw 1 Citroen 2CV. I looked back and saw about 30! They are just adorable though. And I’m completely in love with one of them in a gorgeous teal colour!!

cars (640x453)

This is a view from in front of the wall which encases the main part of Avignon, and the ‘old town’ as I’ve come to call it.

wall (480x640)

This is just inside the wall;

hotel (502x640)

This is the famous indoor market in Avignon, called Les Halles. It is mainly known for its greenery that grows up the wall in the front. It is so cute inside!

market (538x640)

This is the amazing Basilique Saint-Pierre d’Avignon. It is so impressive, both inside and out. One of the best bits about all of the buildings in Avignon is the architecture!

church 1 (503x640)

Here are some pictures of the very cute, little Avignon streets;

alley 1 (711x800)

street 3 (478x640)

This is another example of the amazing architecture!

shop 1 (536x640)shop 1 (411x640)

house 1 (586x640)

shop 2 (508x640)

shop 3 (500x640)

street 1 (479x640)

street 2 (514x640)

I hope you enjoyed having a little peek into some of my holiday in the amazing Avignon, and I have many more pictures to come!!


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