French Holiday – Avignon (Part 3)

French Holiday – Avignon (Part 3)

I know, I know. No surprise! Once again I’m showing you some of the pictures that I took whilst in Avignon, France. Today I’m going to show you the rest of the photos from the day that we went to Palais des Papes.

I’ve already showed you some of the pictures from the building, meaning that today will be all of the gardens.

The whole of the gardens of the Palace are full of statues;

statue 3 (800x790)

statue (546x800)

statue 1 (622x800)

statue 2 (664x800)

cross (552x800)

There was even one within the Pond.

This pond was also home to many, many, very cute ducklings. Although, they were also very dopey, as they decided to climb out through the holes in the fence, just so that they could have a drink of water out of a little puddle.

pond (800x798)

I love this view of the city, from the back of the gardens;

city view (703x800)

One of my favourite views though, was the famous view of the bridge, Pont Saint-Bénézet, over the Rhône River;

bridge (800x507)

rhone river (800x600)

rhone river 1 (663x800)

rhone river castle (645x800)

rhone steps (702x800)

rhone river bridge (744x800)

The bridge, Pont Saint-Bénézet, currently only has 4 of the arches remaining, as over time, from both attacks and floods caused upon Avignon, the other 18 arches kept collapsing, resulting in them by the end having to give up, allowing the arches to go into a state of disrepair.

This is one of my favourite areas within Avignon, and I would love to just go back there right now and sit watching the River all over again! It’s just so beautiful!!


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