Month: November 2015

Meet a Tapir Experience

Meet a Tapir Experience

So, this is a follow on from last week, in which i’m going to share with you the incredible Meet a Tapir experience that I had for my birthday. I’m seriously obsessed with tapirs; I think that they are just the cutest and funniest animals […]

There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For!

There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For!

There is always something to be thankful for! With Thankgiving tomorrow, I felt as though it seemed just right to base my quote of the week on giving thanks for all that we are provided with in our lives. Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving […]

My 18th Birthday

My 18th Birthday

After a long wait, I’m going to show you what I got for my 18th birthday, from all of the amazing, giving people around me. Since it’s almost a whole month since my birthday (that’s how behind I really am) I felt like it was about time!! I’m so thankful for each and every present, and feel so loved!

IMGP7699 (465x640)

My parents picked his up on the way home from Paris in duty free, so i’ve been waiting for it since August. I’m completely in love with the scent! It’s really fresh, floral, and a little bit fruity… just PERFECT!!

IMGP7700 (640x397)

To my surprise, they had also bought me Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume. I’m a MASSIVE Taylor Swift fan, although i’d never thought about buying her fragrance. I always thought, being a celebrity perfume, it would be a bit cheap in scent, and no actual thought would be put into the creation of it, but I was so wrong! It smells so amazing and beautiful! Alike, it is a floral and very fruity scent, but may be too sweet for some people.

IMGP7717 (488x640)

I also got some clothes from my parents. I needed some new leggings, so they got me a pair of grey, navy, and black. They also got me a beautiful beige jumper, but of course, me being me, didn’t have it around to take a picture of today. Although, I did have these tops to take a picture of. They are both long sleeve and have a similar shape. I really love these tops. They’re so pretty, and the colours go with so many outfits.

IMGP7707 (640x370)IMGP7704 (572x640)

And of course, I got another Tanya Burr lip gloss. I’m obsessed with these things, and the new packaging is so classy, and it looks so much more expensive than it actually is! Although, I have found both the new and old packaging to rub off throughout time, I don’t know if mine just get bashed around, as I often carry it in my school bag, or if this happens to anyone else.

And yes that is The Holiday, my favourite film!!! I could definitely watch this all year round, and I will now that I have it on DVD!!

IMGP7710 (640x570)

The circular rose gold necklace is also from my parents. I wasn’t expecting this present, as I only showed them it once, not hinting or asking for it, but i’m soooo happy that they bought it! It’s so cute, and goes perfect with my rose gold bracelet bought from my brother. I wear this bracelet every single day, and can’t go anywhere without it. It is so beautiful and I love it!!!

The charm is from my Auntie. It is so cute, and i’m going to attach it to a necklace chain. Since it’s a charm, it means that I can swap it around whenever, as it would also be really cute on a bracelet.

The beautiful owl brooch is from a family friend. It is just gorgeous, and as many people close to me know, I am OBSESSED with owls!

IMGP7689 (640x392)

This is from another family friend. I got an ’18 and gorgeous’ mug, which is just perfect, and another owl brooch, I told you I love owls!!!

IMGP7712 (640x420)

This is half of my present from a friend. This is the ‘James & Friends’ pencil case, from Jim Chapman’s stationary range. It’s perfect, as it says ‘eat, sleep, blog, repeat’, which is completely me!! The other half were some Lindt chocolate bears, which of course I’ve already eaten!!

IMGP7662 (800x695)IMGP7673 (665x800)

I got these presents from a really close family friend. I got the most amazing, perfect, special glass swan, which is so precious. I says my name, my birthday, and ’18th Birthday’ on it, showing how I’ll always remember when I got it, and I’ll always remember who I got it from. I love this present soooo much!!!

I also got the most beautiful bee necklace, from a very special little girl, again letting me remember forever who I got it from! It’s so beautiful and I wear it all of the time. It goes with so much, and I just love it!!

IMGP7713 (640x396)

I got all of these presents from my amazing best friend, and I feel spoilt rotten! She bought me this beautiful heart frame, in which I can pin up notes, hang jewellery, it so useful, so perfect and completely me! She also bought me butter chunks and bath bombs, which are perfect as I’m always using them and I’ve only got my Lush Christmas Hedgehog left. Alongside these is a hand cream, which is also perfect, as I was also needing a one of these as well!! At the front is a gorgeous handbag money box, which says ‘shopping fund’ on the top, which suits me perfectly, as i’m such a shopaholic!!! She also made the cutest, most thoughtful photo album! It’s so amazing and contains photos from the first year we knew each other to now! I love it so much, and will keep filling it up with photos, showing all of the memories, I love it!!

I also received money off of more family friends, and from my Grandpa, in which I am so thankful for!!!

My parents got me one other present, which I properly received a week after my birthday. It was an experience to go in the exhibit with tapirs and be able to stroke them. I’m going to upload another blog post on this though.

Thank you to everyone who both wished me a happy birthday, and bought me all of these amazing presents!!! I’m such a lucky, loved person, and I’m so grateful to have you all in my life!!!


Appreciate Everything That You Have!

Appreciate Everything That You Have!

Appreciate everything that you have!   Sometimes we can get so lost in everything going on, you don’t really appreciate what you really have. With all of the events going on around us at the moment, Paris included, and after Remembrance Day, it seems like […]

When You Feel Like Quitting…

When You Feel Like Quitting…

When you feel like QuittingThink about why youStarted!-1 (3)

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started!

There is no point in beginning something and not finishing it. Use all of your motivation and will power to do it and make it through, because you can, and you will! Quitting is never an option, as whatever you started you are always able to finish, even if it called more work and some help from those around you.

Halloween Decorations – 2015

Halloween Decorations – 2015

I know Halloween is already over, and I didn’t post any crafts or decorating ideas in the lead up, but I thought that I might show you how I actually decorated my house for the night, (don’t have any high expectations though!) This is what […]

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