Meet a Tapir Experience

Meet a Tapir Experience

So, this is a follow on from last week, in which i’m going to share with you the incredible Meet a Tapir experience that I had for my birthday. I’m seriously obsessed with tapirs; I think that they are just the cutest and funniest animals EVER!

IMG_5986 (2)IMG_5983-1 (2)

This was when I first went in and met them. This was also the first time that i’d ever been this close to a tapir. It was amazing, and they were even more cute than I thought!

IMG_5980 (2)IMG_5981 (2)IMG_5982 (2)

This was the Mum, she was so cute and all she wanted was me stroking her nose, neck and behind her ear. She was so inquisitive, and came right up in my face and then put her head down on the ground, as you can see in the last picture.

IMG_5988-1 (2)

This is the baby Tapir, who was sooo adorable!!!

IMG_5985 (2)IMG_5987 (2)IMG_5979 (2)

The tapir here is 4 months old and his markings are still really prominent. He was just as obsessed with wanting to be cuddled and stoked, and kept rolling over. They are so funny and seem to act just like dogs in a way. After seeing the tapir then, I just became even more in love with them. They are seriously the best animals!!! It was such an amazing experience!!


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