My Christmas Decorations!!

My Christmas Decorations!!

So, we have finally put up our Christmas decorations! I’m such a Christmassy person, and I just love turning on the Chrismas music, getting together as a family, decorating the house; making it have that warm, Winter, Christmas feeling! So, I thought i’d share a couple of the photos that I took throughout the evening.

IMGP7739 (410x640).

This is what you see when you walk into my house. I love the corner tree, and the simple, brightly coloured baubles.

IMGP7742 (640x366)

IMGP7743 (640x417)

This is actually the first thing that you see, as it is just to the right of the door as you walk in. Every Christmas I buy my Mam a new village scene, planning that one day she will have a whole collection. As well as the really cute snowman, and family gingerbread picture that I got my Dad last Christmas!

IMGP7751 (640x425)

IMGP7754 (640x425)

These three are on the left hand side of the hallway, and are the cutest things ever! This is the little bear family, containing Mum, Dad and Baby bear. They stand opposite our Santa. They look so Christmassy, and are just adorable!!

IMGP7755 (425x640)

IMGP7757 (640x425)

This is our cute, little Santa. He’s absolutely amazing, and stands just in front of the corner tree. Although, now and again he does have trouble with his balance;

IMGP7750 (640x568)

And then, we have the main Christmas tree and decorations within the lounge;

IMGP7773 (640x425)

IMGP7775 (640x492)

IMGP7776 (640x489)

IMGP7778 (640x414)

These are a couple of the ornaments on my main Christmas tree, which is a lot more traditional in the decorations used. I love all of the cute ornaments used on this tree, as they are all of those that we have built up over the years, and they are so, so cute!!! And I especially love my personalised ornament from my Auntie Tammi, and who can forget the amazing quote ornaments. Of course i’m going to love one with a quote on, as we all know how crazy I am about inspirational quotes, in this case, ‘Follow your dreams’.

As well as this we also have a music box and other varying decorations around the lounge, and stickers on the downstairs windows. It’s so amazing. As I said, I’m such as Christmassy person, so being able to come home from school to see this is just the best!!


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