Mental Health Awareness Week (2)

This week (16th-22nd May 2016) is National Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year, as stated on the Mental Health Foundation UK website, is focused on the topic of relationships. I will be focusing my blog posts this week on the idea of healthy relationships, and will be posting 2 quotes, instead of the usual 1, all focused on this topic.

Dear Mom, (2)

We need to prioritise more time for those relationships with the people who care about us, this can be a family night, a meal out with friends etc. Having healthy relationships with those that we care about helps us all in the long run and makes us all happier and healthier. The Mental Health Foundation UK is asking all of us to make a ‘Relationship Resolution’ – This is a way for us all to make sure that we are putting more time into our relationships, creating a tighter bond, and causing us to be healthier and happier in the long run.

We depend on healthy, close relationships from the moment that we arrive, as the people around us help us grow, and morph us into the people that we are today, teaching us the skills that we need to learn, and can therefore in turn impact our health and wellbeing.

Although, in order to make sure that we are receiving positive benefits from the relationships that we surround ourselves in, we need to make sure that we are within healthy relationships, instead of ‘toxic’, unhealthy relationships, that could have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

We all need people in our lives that we can trust to tell anything to, and that care about us and our wellbeing. Take a moment to look at those people that we involve in our lives, and think about your relationship with them, and whether you are in a happy relationship. Think about the way that they treat you. Do you feel as if someone is controlling you, making you feel worthless, undermining your progress? This could be a friend, partner, parents, etc.

Kati Morton, a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist, and YouTuber talks about the importance of healthy relationships, and how they lead to better mental health, and result in you being much more content in life overall.

So, take the time to figure out if anyone in your life is ‘toxic’, and whether you would be better off distancing yourself from that relationship, as well as finding some time to spend with those that you love and care about, as the happier you are within your relationships, the happier you are overall.

So take care of yourself. Put your health first, and make sure that you are happy, as you matter!

Check out Mental Health Foundation UK, and make your own ‘Relationship Resolution’, and check out Kati Morton on YouTube, especially her videos concerning relationships.


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