Top 10 Christmas Jumpers -BLOGMAS DAY 16

Top 10 Christmas Jumpers -BLOGMAS DAY 16

What’s Christmas without all of the amazing, festive jumpers? I pretty much live in jumpers all Winter long, so over December I definitely make the most of the Christmas ones, and so I’m going to introduce you to some of my favourite Christmas jumpers at the moment.


1. Joules- Meryl Intarsia Jumper

I loved this jumper from the minute I saw it. It’s so simple, yet still Christmassy, and so super adorable!! I think since it’s only got a robin on it, it’s also perfect as it’s a jumper you can wear throughout all of Winter, not just Christmas.

2. Joules- Marsha Jumper

Of course I completely fell in love with this jumper immediately, as it’s an owl… a Winter owl! Plus, it has a pom-pom on the hat, and I seem to have an obsession with pom-poms.

3. ASOS- Sequin Santa Christmas Jumper

Usually I wouldn’t look in the direction of anything with quite a lot of sequins, but I actually quite like this Santa jumper… although maybe that’s because it also has lots of mini pom-poms (I did tell you I was obsessed!!)

4. ASOS- Pom-Pom Jumper

We’ve just covered the fact that I’m absolutely obsessed with pom-poms. And this jumper takes things to a new level, with the sleeves full of massive white pom poms, like snowballs. This isn’t the first jumper you’d turn to when you think of Christmas jumpers, but it still resembles Winter quite nicely, and I love how it’s not screaming Christmas.

5. House of Fraser- Christmas Intarsia Knit Jumper (Joules)

I like how quite simplistic, but cute this jumper is. It’s not flashy at all, but I love it!

6. House of Fraser- Polar Bear Jumper (Yumi)

How could not love this jumper?! Just look at this little polar bear!!

7. John Lewis- Bauble Christmas Jumper (Warehouse)

This jumper is also very simple, especially with a block grey background, although the cute little baubles help make it still really Christmassy.

8. Next- Fluffy Penguin Christmas Jumper (Fashion Union)

I loveeee fluffy jumpers, especially around Christmas time. Plus, just look at how adorable this little penguin is… with reindeer antlers!!

9. Next- Navy Novelty Penguin Jumper

This jumper is soooo sweet!! And the penguin is fluffy! It’s just adorable, but also not too in your face.

10. Debenhams- Grey Foil Polar Bear Jumper (Evans)

This one is quite different from the rest, and it’s a metallic silver polar bear. I wouldn’t usually like a jumper like this, but I actually really like it, and love how unique it is.


My question to you is, have you got any of these jumpers, and which is your favourite one on my list?

-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)



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