Month: August 2017

Hidden Messages in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Hidden Messages in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

As a MASSIVE Taylor Swift fan, I found myself awake until 5 AM, eagerly awaiting the release of her new single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. So, you can just imagine my excitement to see the music video! Immediately it can be seen that […]

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- Enjoy the Little Things

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- Enjoy the Little Things

‘Enjoy the Little Things’   Enjoy the little things in each day, and enjoy each day as it comes. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life, that we don’t stop to appreciate all of the little things […]

Kate Lipstick Collection + Giveaway!!

Kate Lipstick Collection + Giveaway!!

Finally, after way too long of a wait, I’m back to share with you all my Kate Moss lipstick collection. It’s been years of obsessing and (compulsive) buying, and my collection has now reached 25 Kate Moss lipsticks. But, you should also continue to read until the end of this post, as I have a super special giveaway!!



All 6 of the nude lipsticks are very pink in tone, but each is different from the rest. All are very wearable, natural colours, and I use all of them very often.



I’ve got 8 pink lipsticks in total, ranging from a light, baby pink, to hot pinks. They’re quite adventurous in colour, but so beautiful.



I love red lipsticks. I’ve got 7 of these. I especially like the deeper, darker red lipsticks, and during more festive seasons you’ll ALWAYS find me wearing 107 or 111.



I’ve only got 2 purple lipsticks, and I don’t wear the deeper tone as often. But I love the lighter purple lipstick. Plus, the lighter one is a bit metallic as well, which is really different, and so pretty.

And yes, you can count right… as you may be able to tell there’s only 23 lipsticks listed here, as clumsy me has lost 2 of them somewhere.



Ok, finally, GIVEAWAY TIME!

So, i’ve got 5 of my favourite Kate Moss lipsticks to giveaway. The shades are 38, 51, 52, 53 and 111. These are the shades you could end up getting (just excuse the mess and shape of mine, as they’re definitely well loved).


The lucky winner will end up getting all 5 of the lipsticks (3 of them being from the 15 year collection, in beautiful rose gold packaging). There’s no rules to this giveaway, as all you have to do is sign up below;

Click here to view this promotion.

The giveaway will close on 31st August at 23.59 BST, and the winner will be contacted via email. The winner will then have 48 hours to confirm their win, if not another person will be chosen at random. You must be over 18 years to enter. This giveaway is ONLY for residents of the UK.

Terms and Conditions for the giveaway can be found here: ‘Terms and Conditions’


QUOTE OF THE WEEK- Memories Will Last…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- Memories Will Last…

‘The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever’   Make the most of not just this Summer, but every single day. Don’t just sit down doing nothing; get busy, get active, go outside, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t regret […]

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- Don’t Let Yesterday…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- Don’t Let Yesterday…

‘Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much of Today.’   Everyone has good days and bad days, and so you have to make sure that your mind doesn’t stay stuck in the past, as that part of your life is lived and you don’t need […]

Top 5 Summer Pinterest DIYs

Top 5 Summer Pinterest DIYs

I have a Pinterest obsession. I have way too many boards, I have way too many pins… but I love it! And, although majority of the time i’m too busy to even think about making one of the many crafts i’ve come across, occasionally I manage to find the spare time to just craft away like crazy! So, I thought that today I would share with you all some of my favourite DIYs that i’ve come across, and I definitely wish I could just make them all right now.

I absolutely adore these little ‘succulent planters’. They’re such a simple idea, but incredibly effective, and I’m definitely going to make a few to have in my room. Be sure to find all of the instructions here.

When ever I think of Summer, I weirdly always think of pineapples. So, what’s better than to include them in a super stylish craft?! Well… having fairy lights involved too! These pineapple lanterns are PERFECT! I can’t believe I haven’t found these sooner, and I definitely know my next quick project. You’ve got to click hereĀ to find out how to make these incredible little lanterns.

For years i’ve loved decorations involving initials… like the above image. I don’t know why i’ve never thought about crafting my own. The perfect thing is, if you make it yourself you have complete control, and therefore you can design it exactly how you wish it to look. If you’re just as obsessed with this craft as I am, give it a peek here.

Again… you can probably sense the pineapple theme here… but this is seriously so lush. And, of course, you’re not limited to creating just pineapple shaped wall hangings, which also will make it a perfect all year around craft. I also love how modern this hanging looks with the geometric design included. Click hereĀ to find out how to make this gorgeous wall hanging.

Ok, ok… I wasn’t meaning to get too carried away with the pineapples, I just honestly couldn’t find another design on a mat. But I adore this idea of designing your own doormat, with the images you wish, therefore making it a super cute one of a kind. Find all of the details to this craft here.


I hope you think all of these DIYs are as great as I do, and leave in the comments below which I should make first… and who knows I might even write a post about it in the future.

What I do want to say is a massive thank you to everyone’s support and kind words as I finally bought out my blog and gave it a whole new look.


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