Hidden Messages in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Hidden Messages in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

As a MASSIVE Taylor Swift fan, I found myself awake until 5 AM, eagerly awaiting the release of her new single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. So, you can just imagine my excitement to see the music video! Immediately it can be seen that there’s A LOT going on in the music video, and she has A LOT to say.

To help you out, I’m here, and I’ve found many of the hidden messages, and I’m able to share them with you.



Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • The video begins with her wearing her outfit from ‘Out of the Woods’ and the scene ends with her wearing her Met Gala dress in the grave, showing the end of the ‘old Taylor’.
  • Additionally, on the tombstone to the left of Taylor, it says ‘Nils Sjoberg’, which was what she used as a cover up name when she helped ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, to write ‘This is What You Came For’.
  • ‘Tilted stage’ relates to Kanye West’s tilted stage which he used on his tour.


Bath with jewellery

Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • This scene shows how media only sees her for her money and wealth. Also, the $1 bill, which she won from her assault case can be seen in the bath by her left shoulder.
  • This scene is also shading Kim Kardashian, due to Kim getting robbed, because of her jewellery, and being held hostage in her bathroom of her hotel.


Throne with snakes

Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • The snakes are a reference to Kim Kardashian’s tweet.
  • The phrase ‘et tu brute’ is carved into the chair and pillars, signifying the ultimate betrayal from a friend.


Car crash

Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • She crashes a Bugatti Veyron, which Kanye has previously owned.
  • Her appearance is very much like Katy Perry’s, and she’s pictured holding a Grammy, showing her success over Katy’s lack of Grammy’s. Taylor’s also got a cheetah on the passenger’s seat, referencing Katy’s song ‘Roar’.
  • The colour gold is associated with wealth, and the paparazzi show their obsession with her fame.



Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • The use of the cage is throwing shade at Miley Cyrus from the cage in her video, and the swing mocks Kim for her perfume advert.
  • It also shows how she’s trapped, but also how media and haters say she’s not proactive and out, for example, her being a ‘fake feminist’ for not attending the women’s march.
  • You can also see a snake tattoo on her leg whilst on the swing.


Bank robbery

Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • The cat masks refer to her ‘cat obsession’ and Katy Perry, due to her fans being called Katycats.
  • Shows how the media is focused on her wealth.
  • ‘Screaming co.’ is because of how the media and haters said that Taylor was ‘robbing’ screaming companies, for example, Spotify, because she took all music off of there.
  • ‘Blind for Love’ on her top shows her many relationships.

Squad meeting

Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • The bot like characters signify Taylor’s ‘squad’, and how you have to look a certain way to be part of it.
  • She’s also wearing her ‘Bad Blood’ outfit, showing her power.



Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • Implies how she always writes about men.
  • ‘I heart T.S’ top relates to the backlash over Tom Hiddleston wearing the top.

All the Taylors

Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • Shows how she’s confused about her identity and is fake.



Credit: Youtube.com/TaylorSwiftVEVO
  • Her destroying the plane shows the media says that she destroys everything and takes money for granted.
  • The shirt that Taylor’s wearing whilst destroying the plane is very similar to one of Calvin’s, from his music video for ‘Feels’, which also features Katy Perry.
  • She throws more shade at Kim through the character snapping selfies and calling her Snapchat recordings ‘receipts’.
  • ‘You Belong With Me’ Taylor has the ‘usual surprised face’, showing her to be fake in the eyes of the media and haters.
  • Also, says that the ‘Fearless’ Taylor is ‘playing the victim’.
  • ‘B****’ refers to Kanye calling her ‘that b****’ in his song ‘Famous’.
  • Lastly, 2009 Taylor is dressed as she was in the VMA’s when Kanye interrupted her and she says ‘I’d like to be excluded from this narrative’.


Hope that list of all of the hidden messages in Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ has helped you all out, and now next time you watch the video you’ll be able to spot them all. If you haven’t seen the video yet be sure to give it a watch here.



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Great post! hidden messages and marketing… we are hit with so many hidden messages each day and we dont even know it. BTW, I nominated this blog for the Liebster Award. https://hopeartistry.com/blog/
I think more people need to be aware of your site. Great info!

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