Soooo, today is my 20th birthday. Ekkkk, no longer a teenager!! But, in order to celebrate, I thought it was about time I shared some facts about myself with all of you, so here you go, 20 random facts all about me, Lottie!


1. I am 5ft 2 ½ inches short … and yes that half counts!

2. I am a Scorpio.

3. I love, love, love to dance!! Especially jazz and tap!

4. My favourite number is 6. I honestly can’t even remember when I started to think this, or why I did, but it’s become a fact now.

5. I don’t like any hot drinks, even though I really wish that I did. I can’t think of anything better than sitting all cosy at home with a hot chocolate in the middle of winter. But as much as I try, I just don’t like it.

6. My favourite singer, as childish as it may sound, is Taylor Swift. So, please feel extremely sorry for my housemates at the moment, as all you have is constant screaming from me any time she posts anything, or releases a new song … and also just imagine me on 10th November when Reputation is released!!

7. My favourite meal is spinach and ricotta cannelloni. I wanted to find a place that served it when I was in Italy, but I never got the chance, so I guess it just gives me a reason to return … well I could at least use that as my excuse.

8. My dream is to publish a book one day, and I truly intent to make it come true, so much so that I’m studying Creative Writing.

9. My favourite book of all time is actually a children’s book, and is my favourite more of the memories of reading it, but it’s The Secret Garden. I could read that book a million times and still love it!

10. Part of me still wishes to move to France one day.

11. People are often surprised to hear that I don’t have a middle name, but neither does my brother, mam, or dad.

12. I LOVE HORROR! Movies, games, whatever. But at the same time as much as I love horror, I’m an extremely jumpy person, so I may or may not sit with a cushion in front of my face.

13. My favourite colour is very specific, and it is spiceberry … and yes that is a colour that I first found off of The Sims.

14. I’m also pretty sure that as a child I was addicted to The Sims.

15. Back at home, my house is practically a zoo, with dogs, chickens, fish, and a parrot.

16. I have a toy poodle, called, Pepper, and a Basset Hound, called Betty.

17. Pretty much all I watch are my daily vloggers on YouTube and Coronation Street.

18. I’ve got one tattoo, which not many people know about or see, as it’s usually hidden away as it’s on my ankle, and I’m always wearing long trousers.

19. I have a massive fear of heights. I could look out of my bedroom window and my stomach could jump.

20. I can’t click my fingers, although I know how to, as I used to be able to when I was younger.


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