BLOGMAS DAY 10- My Childhood Christmas Traditions

BLOGMAS DAY 10- My Childhood Christmas Traditions

I didn’t have a massive amount of Christmas traditions growing up, but there were always a couple of things that we would do as a family, year in, year out. I’m going to share those traditions with all of you, and who knows, maybe you share some of those same ones with me.


Feeding the reindeer- As well as putting out a biscuit and a glass of milk for Santa, all of those reindeer need some food to keep them going through the night, and because of that my brother and I would always throw some reindeer food onto the grass in the garden. We’d either get our reindeer food in the school Christmas fayer, or we would make it during Christmas Eve.


Santa coming to town- My Mam always says that Santa coming to town marks the beginning of Christmas, which means that when you hear those Christmas tunes get louder and louder, and Santa’s sleigh come down the road, Christmas has officially begun.


Christmas eve walk- Every year on Christmas Eve, I take a walk through my town with my family, as they have many stalls out. It’s always been something that we do, and I have a lot of memories of taking this walk as a younger child, as it used to be a lot busier and had more to do than it currently does now.


Advent calendar- I didn’t have a normal chocolate calendar from the shops during December. Instead, my Nanna bought a stitched advent calendar in which you fill with items by yourself. The pockets on the calendar were never quite large enough for both mine and my brother’s chocolate, so we always knew which type of chocoate was coming up each day, but I loved that I had a different advent calendar compared to everyone else.


Christmas lights- When I was younger we used to go to one of the towns close by and view all of their Christmas lights on the houses. There was always one house that was especially amazing, and you could always donate money to charity with the boxes outside their house. Going to view the Christmas lights was always sure to help put you in a festive mood.



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