BLOGMAS DAY 22- 5 Christmas Traditions I Wish I Had

BLOGMAS DAY 22- 5 Christmas Traditions I Wish I Had

So, I’ve already told you the Christmas traditions I had as a child, but instead, today, I’ll be sharing the Christmas tradition I wish that I had grown up with.


Christmas pajamas

I always thought it would have been such a nice idea to have had new pajamas on the night of Christmas Eve as a child. I would imagine that putting out the reindeer food, and then sitting around the tree opening your new Christmas pajamas, helping set up the scene and really make you feel super duper festive.



Gingerbread house

I have made a gingerbread house a couple of times, but I do wish that we made on every year as a family. It would just be a lovely to get together as a family and bake. I also think if it goes right the end result can look so amazingly effective and beautiful!



Christmas lights

I’ve always loved the idea of lighting up my house with a massive display, and having the most impressive one in the area, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be the one appreciating all of the lights if they’re on mine, as other people would be viewing them. So, instead, it both cheaper and easier to just go around and look at everyone else’s.



Present wrapping

I think a lovely idea is to buy bits and pieces for those who are homeless, and spend an afternoon sat together with all of your family and friends and wrap them all up, then gifting them to people on the street, in homeless shelters, or in food banks etc.



Stocking opening

It would always be so nice to sit down on your beds all together and look into your stockings and see what you received. Although, I do understand why they were never put on my bed, as it would be just my luck to wake up!






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