BLOGMAS DAY 26- What To Do With Unwanted Presents

BLOGMAS DAY 26- What To Do With Unwanted Presents

We all get it; it’s Christmas time and someone gifts you a present that you really don’t like and know that you’ll never use. So, what do you do with it? I’m going to share with you all 5 things that you can do with those unwanted presents.


Sell it

If it’s something you really don’t gravitate towards yourself, and can see yourself never using it, but don’t quite want to tell the person that gave it to you, then one way that you can still partially gain from this present giving is to sell your unwanted present. Someone out there is going to surely want it!

Re-gift it

Make sure you keep note of who gave you the present to begin, just so that you don’t cause an embarrassing moment of re-gifting the present to the person who originally gave it to you. Although, it’s sure to save you the money for buying a present for someone down the long road, and it’s you know it’s a present that they’d like, then why not gift it to them?

Return it

If you were given the receipt in the first place, or feel confident enough to ask the person for one, then this is always an easy option to get rid of your unwanted present, and instead purchase one that you would much prefer.

Give it to charity

There’s sure to be someone who would love to receive your gift, by giving it away. This is the perfect way to give away your unwanted presents in a really christmassy way, without caring about the advantages for yourself, but instead just other people.

Hand into homeless shelters

Things such as food items, clothing, and blankets etc that are gifted to you during the festive season that you do not wish to keep yourself, are sure to be loved and gratefully received by those who are without a home. So this is a great idea to be more giving this festive season, and think about those who need these items.


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