BLOGMAS DAY 29- Baby It’s Cold Outside…?

BLOGMAS DAY 29- Baby It’s Cold Outside…?

It’s absolutely freezing cold and raining outside… so what do you end up doing instead? All plans have gone down the drain and now it seems like a waste of a day. But don’t go getting yourself worked up, there’s still plenty you can do today…


Film day With it being winter time, make the most of the rubbish weather that we can get, and  grab all of those munchies, get cosy under a blanket and watch as many movies as you can back to back.

Clean – Use it to your advantage and make the most of the rubbish weather outside, and being stuck indoors, and get on with cleaning your house.

Read – Many of us are so busy rushing around that we might not get much time to just sit down and read a book. So, now that you have time to do so, get stuck into a whole other world, and enjoy relaxing and reading.

Game night – Get the family together and have a family game day/night. It’s sure to cause many laughs, and a way to have fun with the whole family.

Pamper day – Take the chance to have a nice relaxing bath, use a face mask, paint your nails … have the complete works. Just have a chill day to yourself, or with others.

Go outside anyway – What’s a bit of cold stopping you from doing whatever you wish outside? Stick on a coat, gloves, hat and scarf and go get outside!

Have a lie in – Catch up on some sleep from how busy you may have been and snuggle back under your duvet.

Bake – Find a new recipe and try it out. It also gives you something perfect to munch on during those movies!

Colour – There’s so many beautiful adult colouring books now-a-days, so if you already have one in your possession have a relaxing day colouring in some gorgeous pictures.

Play video games – What’s better than an opportunity to have a gaming day. Especially if you have a console in your room, as you can just stay all warm and cosy in your duvet covers then!


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