BLOGMAS DAY 31- My Favourite 2017 Moments

BLOGMAS DAY 31- My Favourite 2017 Moments

IT’S THE LAST DAY OF BLOGMAS! I’ve loved 2017, and gosh it’s been a crazy busy year! With it being the final day of 2017, I felt like it was the perfect chance to share with all of you some of my favourite moments during the year, through pictures.


I went to Stratford Upon Avon for the first time, and ended up becoming a butterfly exhibit as it would seem, when I visited their butterfly farm. I loved these blue butterflies, as their wings were really iridescent in colour.

Even though most wouldn’t class train rides as one of the ‘best’ moments, it’s definitely a moment that took up a lot of this year, and I do actually love to sit on train rides, as they’re so relaxing.

And, also by train, I got to go back to one of my favourite places in the world this summer, when I returned to Paris, and I think we can almost bet on the fact that I’ll return again one day.

I got to spend the summer with my lovely family, and these lush dogs! I definitely love making the most of having the beach around when I’m at home as well!

It was a year of finding new cat friends, whether it be at work, my little Maisie in my new house, or during my many walks out and about.

And it wasn’t just all of the cats that I loved. I also love the fact that most mornings I look out of my bedroom window to watch the squirrels running up the fences.

I had my wonderful family come to visit me the weekend before my birthday, and I got to see my Grandpa!

And I got to spend my actual birthday with all of my lovely housemates, with a Creams and some cocktails. Perfect!

I’ve also been bowling A LOT with them all! Advantages of living close to a bowling alley!

And I’ve baked manyyyy cookies for everyone…

I loved sitting by my window and wrapped up warm standing outside on bonfire night, watching all of the displays going on around our house. And of course, sparklers were a must!

I got the chance to have lots of walks in this beautiful city! I’m definitely so lucky!

I might as well have lived off of 2 for 1 cocktails…

And one of my most recent loved memories was all of this lovely snow that we got! SNOWS DAYS ARE THE BEST DAYS!

There’s also a couple of things that I didn’t have a picture of, but;

  • I also went to see Jack Whitehall in February, which was actually the first comedy show I’d ever been to as well!
  • I finally passed my driving test!!
  • TAYLOR SWIFT’S ALBUM RELEASED! Yes, this was an incredibly exciting day for me, and yes I do still sing it all day, every day.
  • I finally found a wonderful tap dance class at University, which resulted in me taking part in their dance show just weeks in to being a member.
  • Anddddd, bought out the rights to this blog in August, and we’ve grown so much since then, which I can only thank you all for.


2017 has definitely been one of the best years going for me, and let’s hope 2018 is just as amazing! Happy New Year to you all!








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