Month: December 2017

BLOGMAS DAY 21- Chrismassy Juice Recipe

BLOGMAS DAY 21- Chrismassy Juice Recipe

Now that I’m back home from University for the Christmas break, I’m going to make the most of having the juicer machine in the house. So, I thought it would be perfect to share with you all one of my favourite juices, with ginger and […]

BLOGMAS DAY 20- Christmas Yahoo Question #2

BLOGMAS DAY 20- Christmas Yahoo Question #2

Well, we had the best YouTube comments yesterday, and so today is finally time for the return of the funniest and craziest Yahoo Questions.   I guess so…   Just use the door…   Wow, I didn’t see that one coming…   No… They’re not! […]

BLOGMAS DAY 19-  Best YouTube Comments (Christmas Edition #2)

BLOGMAS DAY 19- Best YouTube Comments (Christmas Edition #2)

It’s that time again… THE BEST EVER YOUTUBE COMMENTS! And, once again we’re finding all of those strange, hilarious, or crazy comments on Christmas songs!


Justin Bieber – Mistletoe

Guess it means the song will finish sooner… always a positive…

Wham! – Last Christmas

It’s really just you… and ‘Whales’ or Wales?

The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

Wow, someone’s in the festive spirit!


Gwen Stefani – You Make It Feel Like Christmas

She’s only 48!

Um… ok…


Sia – Santa’s Coming For Us

I really shouldn’t have laughed at this


Sia – Everyday is Christmas

I agree with this person so much!


BLOGMAS DAY 18- Magic Of Christmas

BLOGMAS DAY 18- Magic Of Christmas

‘The Magic Of Christmas Is Not In The Presents, But In His Presence.’   It’s always important to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Even though we enjoy the presents and food, that’s the materialistic part of Christmas. Instead, the true meaning of Christmas is […]

BLOGMAS DAY 17- Top 5 Christmas Candles

BLOGMAS DAY 17- Top 5 Christmas Candles

Who doesn’t love burning candles all winter long, making the most of the days turning dark sooner, and the weather being so dull and grey? Candles always help make the winter feel so much cosier and calmer, and make the entire house smell just beautiful. […]

BLOGMAS DAY 16- 2017 Christmas Jumpers

BLOGMAS DAY 16- 2017 Christmas Jumpers

Once it turns December 1st it’s officially time for Christmas jumpers! I love, love, love Christmas jumpers as they really help me get in the festive spirit, and keep you all warm and cosy in the deep winter.


Men’s jumpers

1. Burgundy Light Up Christmas Jumper, Next- £34.00

I love this jumpers, as it’s both got the ordinary fairisle type of pattern on the jumper, but at the same time it’s also super festive with how it’s quite cartoon like, and it lights up!

2. Penguin Christmas Jumper, George- £16.00

I’m pretty sure this is a jumper my brother wishes he had! Who doesn’t want a super cute penguin jumper for Christmas time though?

3. Fairisle Knitted Christmas Jumper, George- £14.00

This is the perfect jumper for anyone who really isn’t the most christmassy kind of person, but still wants to join in with Christmas. It’s also a lot more traditional, and I love it for this reason.

4. Burgundy Reindeer Christmas Jumper, Next- £28.00

I love the colour of this jumper, and also love how it’s got all of the reindeer on it. There’s also a red pom pom for Rudolph’s rose, which is just so amazing, but I am biased because I love pom poms.

5. Elf and Flashing Lights Crew Neck Jumper, M&S- £29.50

Again, here we are with the flashing lights. This one is also in the fairisle style of jumper. I can just imagine all of the strings of lights flashing.

Women’s jumpers

6. Grey sheep knit Christmas jumper, Debenhams- £30.00

A prefect jumper for anyone who doesn’t want to be massively christmassy, but still wants to have a Christmas style of jumper.

7. Unicorn Christmas Slogan Sweatshirt, George- £12.50

With the massive unicorn fascination this year, this is sure to be the perfect idea of a Christmas jumper for many people.

8. Camel Slogan Christmas Jumper and Hair Accessory, George- £16.00

I actually bought myself this jumper this year, as I only had quite normal Christmas jumpers, and I really wanted a wacky one, and this one fits that bill just perfect. I love the pun, of ‘Camel all ye faithful’, and it gets better… there’s shiny pom poms on it!

9. Textured penguin jumper, Debenhams- £40.00

Another penguin jumper, and this time a super cute fluffy one! It’s so, so, so adorable and looks incredibly warm and cosy.

10. Cream Christmas Reindeer Jumper, Next- £34.00

Can this jumper have any more pom poms on it? This jumper is honestly my idea of heaven!


BLOGMAS DAY 15- When Frosty Met Rudolph Poem

BLOGMAS DAY 15- When Frosty Met Rudolph Poem

Time to share another poem with you all, and this time it’s not one of my own. This beautiful poem ‘When Frosty Met Rudolph‘ is written by Courtney Johnson, who’s one of my closest friends. I hope you all love this poem as much as […]

BLOGMAS DAY 14- 2017 Christmas Lipsticks

BLOGMAS DAY 14- 2017 Christmas Lipsticks

I love wearing red and berry coloured lipsticks, so December is the perfect time of year for me. And so, to show you just how much I love my winter lipsticks I’m going to share my favourites with you, as they’re definitely a necessity for […]

BLOGMAS DAY 13- Men’s Christmas Gift Guide

BLOGMAS DAY 13- Men’s Christmas Gift Guide

Today is finally the final of my Blogmas Christmas Gift Guides, and it’s time for the perfect presents for men!


1. Seiko Men’s Automatic Watch, Watchshop- £299.00 original price

One of the best sellers on the Watchshop website. Perfect to wear for both casual and formal events. Plus, currently it’s on sale for £209.00, which is an amazing price for such an amazing watch.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphone, Peter Tyson- £269.00

Noise cancellation headphones, making audio sound a lot clearer and better. It’s also got wireless connectivity, so you haven’t got to worry about getting caught up in wires whilst listening to music but also being busy.

3. Crosley Keepsake USB Turntable Vintage Record Player, Tesco- £139.00

Absolutely perfect for any music lover, as this turntable can connect to any Mac or PC, and additionally offers a 3-speed turntable.

4. Monkey Shoulder, The Whisky World- £32.90

Said to be one of the best malt whiskies out there, it definitely worth a try, and sure to be a much loved Christmas present.



5. RJR. Brown Leather Zip Wallet, Debenhams- £29.50

This lovely and classic leather wallet, designed by Rocha John Rocha. It’s got a nice amount of card slots, and plenty of room inside.

6. HUGO BOSS Bottled Tonic Fragrance, The Fragrance Shop- £58.00

The 2017 favourite fragrance on The Fragrance Shop website, it’s sure to be a winner of a fragrance.

7. BOSE Soundlink Colour II Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Currys- £129.95

An amazing, water resistant, wireless speaker, with bluetooth pairing and 8 hours battery life. Definitely a speaker I wish I had myself!

8. Distinguished Treats Cracker, Molton Brown- £20.00

2 body wash, and 2 shower gel bottles, all packaged into this perfect little Christmas cracker, which is a double bonus because it means that they wrapping of the present is already done for you!


BLOGMAS DAY 12- Snow Day!

BLOGMAS DAY 12- Snow Day!

I woke up on Sunday to one of the most beautiful sights, with snow covering as far as I could see. I did happen to wake up at 7am though, so super excited to see if there was snow, as yes, I am like a […]

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