How I Increased My Blog’s Traffic

How I Increased My Blog’s Traffic

Arty Allsorts hit 1 MILLION total views a couple of weeks ago, and for that reason I thought it would be a great chance to share with all of you budding bloggers some great ways to help increase the traffic to your website, with constant, amazing statistics! My blog used to get around a measly 5 views a day this time 3 years ago, whereas today I’m reaching 10 thousand views, or more!


Buy out your URL– Now this isn’t something that I would recommend doing from the get go, and instead I would start by using a free blogging website, such as Use this time to help gain experience and start making your name known within the blogging community. Although, when you feel ready to really show your commitment to blogging and wish to invest, I would highly recommend buying out your URL and using a hosting company. One that I have received great customer service and cheap prices from was InMotion Hosting. When I transferred my blog from, to my own URL, in August, my views immediately increased hundreds, and then again further to thousands. If you’re blogging long-term it’s definitely worth spending a little as you really do gain a lot!


Engage on social media– Don’t shy away from social media, and instead make sure to create profiles for your blog on all of the popular social media sites. This is still something I need to work on myself, as I find it hard to make time to share and post, although a lot of social media sites allows to you schedule posts, which makes this so much easier. Something that I’m going to be creating is a social media planner, stating what times I need to make sure I post on what sites, and how many times. Be sure to let me know if you want me to share this planner with all of you!


Blogger groups– I love being part of so many blogger groups, especially on Facebook. It’s definitely a perfect way to share your posts and increase your views, but also to receive comments, both constructive and really lovely, positive comments. It’s a way to receive quick help from those who know what they’re talking about and have been in the same situation as you.


Write, write, write – We all go through writers block at times, but by writing posts regularly it makes sure that you have constant views coming to new blog posts on your website. Another important thing is to make sure that you are producing original posts, as readers always want new, and different content to read. If you’re full of ideas, make sure to write them down and schedule some of your posts as well.


Find your niche – I started out really not knowing what I wanted to blog about (which is why there’s Allsorts within the name), although throughout time I really began to understand what I have a passion about, and because of this I can tailor what I share and to certain groups, and it also allows me to gain a regular viewing from similar readers. I think it’s really important to figure out exactly what you want to blog about, and which genre you fit in with.


Guest post– Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other bloggers. Either email a blogger questioning if they would be willing to receive a guest post from you, or put an open question out on blogger groups and see who replies and build up trust with these people. They’ll link back to your blog at the end of the post, which will in turn send some of their readers your way! Although, make sure that you enjoy the posts that they share, as there’s no point guest posting with someone that you don’t agree with.


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