Worcester Walk

Worcester Walk

I went back on one of my favourite walks in Worcester, to the Diglis Locks, a couple of weeks ago with Dani. It was such a beautiful spring day, so we really had to make the most of the weather.

On our way we saw tonnes of dogs, including the most friendly dog you could ever meet. Her name was Esther, and she was a service dog, and the day that we met her was her one day a week of being allowed off of her lead and having some time for herself, so she was so unbelievably excited about that and wanted to greet anyone in her path.

I love crossing this bridge, just up from the locks, whilst trying to ignore the lack of clean and blue water of course, and more murky, brown water.

We did however go a bit off track from our ‘normal’ walk, which ended up as an advatage as we met a beautiful cat, Pineapple Pancake… her unofficial name since she didn’t have a collar. She was such cuddly cat and didn’t want to leave us, athough she did however manage to trick Dani into tickling her belly and then scratching her, so I refused to fall for it as well.

We were having a great time walking, and seeing all of the many swans…

… Until we failed right at the final hurdle of our walk, as next minute there were two massive floods completely covering the paths with water… and swans. So we added at least an extra hour onto our walk by having to instead walk through town, which just gave us a chance to stop off at the cathedral as well.

It was such a lovely day out, and I can’t wait until the next Dani and Lottie walk!


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