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Ribcage Braid Tutorial

Ribcage Braid Tutorial

This is probably my favourite hairstyle that I’ve ever made, since it looks so complex, although in reality it is super simple and quick to make. It’s definitely easier if you can get someone else to do this braid on you, although I’ve managed to […]

BLOGMAS DAY 26- What To Do With Unwanted Presents

BLOGMAS DAY 26- What To Do With Unwanted Presents

We all get it; it’s Christmas time and someone gifts you a present that you really don’t like and know that you’ll never use. So, what do you do with it? I’m going to share with you all 5 things that you can do with […]

BLOGMAS DAY 19-  Best YouTube Comments (Christmas Edition #2)

BLOGMAS DAY 19- Best YouTube Comments (Christmas Edition #2)

It’s that time again… THE BEST EVER YOUTUBE COMMENTS! And, once again we’re finding all of those strange, hilarious, or crazy comments on Christmas songs!


Justin Bieber – Mistletoe

Guess it means the song will finish sooner… always a positive…

Wham! – Last Christmas

It’s really just you… and ‘Whales’ or Wales?

The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

Wow, someone’s in the festive spirit!


Gwen Stefani – You Make It Feel Like Christmas

She’s only 48!

Um… ok…


Sia – Santa’s Coming For Us

I really shouldn’t have laughed at this


Sia – Everyday is Christmas

I agree with this person so much!


BLOGMAS DAY 10- My Childhood Christmas Traditions

BLOGMAS DAY 10- My Childhood Christmas Traditions

I didn’t have a massive amount of Christmas traditions growing up, but there were always a couple of things that we would do as a family, year in, year out. I’m going to share those traditions with all of you, and who knows, maybe you […]

BLOGMAS DAY 9- Village Lights Poem

BLOGMAS DAY 9- Village Lights Poem

I absolutely love to write poetry, and because of that, I decided that I would share one of my very own poems on here for very first time, this one having a Christmassy vibe.   Village Lights   A beige jigsaw illuminated by amber light […]

BLOGMAS DAY 7- Christmas Movie Checklist

BLOGMAS DAY 7- Christmas Movie Checklist

What is Christmas time without Christmas movies? One thing that is sure to get you in the festive spirit, every single time without fail, is an absolute binge on Christmas films, all cosy, with a bunch of snacks. So, it’s pretty important that you don’t miss out any of the best movies then, and because of that, I’ve done you all a favour, and compiled a list of so many incredible and classic Christmas films, including boxes so that you can check each one off once you’ve watched it. So, get ready for a December full of family film time!



Here’s the downloadable for the Christmas movie checklist, so that you can print it off and check them off as you go along! –‘CHRISTMAS MOVIE CHECKLIST DOWNLOADABLE



BLOGMAS DAY 5- Children’s Gift Guide

BLOGMAS DAY 5- Children’s Gift Guide

If you’re still stuck in what to get someone for Christmas, I thought I’d help you out. Throughout Blogmas I’m going to be doing a woman’s and man’s gift guide, but today it’s one for the children. I’ve got a complete mixture of 10 different […]



Soooo, today is my 20th birthday. Ekkkk, no longer a teenager!! But, in order to celebrate, I thought it was about time I shared some facts about myself with all of you, so here you go, 20 random facts all about me, Lottie!   1. […]

I’VE BEEN NOMINATED AGAIN- ‘Blogger Recognition Award’

I’VE BEEN NOMINATED AGAIN- ‘Blogger Recognition Award’

I’ve been nominated for another award!! I didn’t even think that I would say that the first time, let alone again! This time around I’ve been nominated for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’.

I was nominated by the incredible ‘Travels of a Baby Vet’, and I would like to thank her so much, as I am so grateful for such a sweet action.

Travels of a Baby Vet is a blog run by the lovely Jess. I am so thankful for her seeing the potential in my blog and nominating me for this award, and allowing me to gain recognition. Jess’ blog, Travels of a Baby Vet is all about her experiences as a vet and follows her through her travels as well. She’s got such a wonderful blog, so please, please go over and give it a read!


How I started ‘Arty Allsorts’…

Arty Allsorts began on 1st February 2015, on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I began to blog for no other reason than to fulfil my absolute passion to write, and love to share my views with others. I used to spend most of my day searching through other people’s blogs and watching vlogs, and so it really inspired me to begin writing a blog for myself. I wanted my writing to both be able to put a smile on someone’s face, but hopefully also inspire someone else one day.

Motivating others and brightening someone’s day and my wish to make a difference for someone has also become a big part of blogging for me, especially through my ‘Quote of the Week’ posts, and previous collaborations such as for Mental Health Week, and with the #BeYou Project. Through my time blogging I have achieved so much more than I would ever have expected, and I’m so thankful for all of the views and encouragement that I have received over this time!

My advice to new bloggers…

First things first, never, ever blog for the money! I’m still not in this for the money nearly three years on, I’m blogging because I love to, because it’s my passion. Only ever begin to blog because you want to write. If you’re only blogging for the commercial and materialistic reasons you’ll never actually continue to blog, or at least enjoy it, and it will show within your writing. Also blog about what you love, rather than what you think is popular at the time. Yes, what is popular might gain some extra views, but if you’ve got no interest and passion for the topic, your writing will again be affected.

Have a clean design to your blog, rather than cluttering it up. This will allow your readers to keep focused on your posts, and it will also allow it to be easy to navigate. This will result in them being more likely to return and also enjoy reading your information.

Be committed! I have to admit I didn’t always follow this rule, and I have slipped up at times, where I would either be busy or unmotivated and go way too long without blogging. Keep regular posts, but at the same time make sure that you have time away from blogging and still only blog about what you feel passionate about.


My nominees…

  • Hannah Elizabeth – This girl is an absolutely brilliant and such a committed blogger. She puts such a massive amount of work into her blog, and definitely deserves your views!
  • Sam Richardson @LivingRichardson – This is a beautifully designed blog, with such amazing posts!
  • Kelly and Ryan @LostandBoundFor – Again, a wonderful blog, and I can only wish and dream to visit some of the places that they have. They’ve also got some really brilliant advice. I’m also so in love with the name of their blog, and think it’s just too adorable.
  • Jane Keightley @MrsKEatsHerWayAroundItaly – As someone who adores Italy, I also adore this blog and all that it offers. I love reading about all the places travelled, and it’s so perfect for anyone about to visit Italy in these same areas.
  • Shamira Solana @BebeShamo -Such a beautifully designed and beautifully written blog!
  • Elizabeth @TheDarlingDiaries – A super pretty blog with incredibly well written posts.
  • A Wolf’s Diary – Full of very useful and interesting posts. Definitely worth a read!
  • Laura @LauraTulipBlogsIt – An interesting, easy to read blog.

The rules…

The Bloggers Recognition Award is a way for bloggers to nominate each other to show their acknowledgement of the works of other bloggers. It’s a way to be able to show your appreciation of their time and efforts they put into the content of their blog. Each blogger nominated must follow by a list of rules;

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show that you have received the award.
  • Provide a brief story of how your blog began.
  • Give some advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate other bloggers.
  • Comment on each of the blogs and let them know that you have nominated them, and provide the link to the post you created.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK- You Are Capable…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- You Are Capable…

‘You Are Capable of More Than You Know.’   Strive for the best, no matter how difficult it may seem, because you have the ability to achieve your goals. Work hard, accept the failures as a lesson, and your dreams will become your reality. Each […]

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