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BLOGMAS DAY 26- What To Do With Unwanted Presents

BLOGMAS DAY 26- What To Do With Unwanted Presents

We all get it; it’s Christmas time and someone gifts you a present that you really don’t like and know that you’ll never use. So, what do you do with it? I’m going to share with you all 5 things that you can do with […]

BLOGMAS DAY 19-  Best YouTube Comments (Christmas Edition #2)

BLOGMAS DAY 19- Best YouTube Comments (Christmas Edition #2)

It’s that time again… THE BEST EVER YOUTUBE COMMENTS! And, once again we’re finding all of those strange, hilarious, or crazy comments on Christmas songs!   Justin Bieber – Mistletoe Guess it means the song will finish sooner… always a positive… Wham! – Last Christmas […]

BLOGMAS DAY 10- My Childhood Christmas Traditions

BLOGMAS DAY 10- My Childhood Christmas Traditions

I didn’t have a massive amount of Christmas traditions growing up, but there were always a couple of things that we would do as a family, year in, year out. I’m going to share those traditions with all of you, and who knows, maybe you share some of those same ones with me.


Feeding the reindeer- As well as putting out a biscuit and a glass of milk for Santa, all of those reindeer need some food to keep them going through the night, and because of that my brother and I would always throw some reindeer food onto the grass in the garden. We’d either get our reindeer food in the school Christmas fayer, or we would make it during Christmas Eve.


Santa coming to town- My Mam always says that Santa coming to town marks the beginning of Christmas, which means that when you hear those Christmas tunes get louder and louder, and Santa’s sleigh come down the road, Christmas has officially begun.


Christmas eve walk- Every year on Christmas Eve, I take a walk through my town with my family, as they have many stalls out. It’s always been something that we do, and I have a lot of memories of taking this walk as a younger child, as it used to be a lot busier and had more to do than it currently does now.


Advent calendar- I didn’t have a normal chocolate calendar from the shops during December. Instead, my Nanna bought a stitched advent calendar in which you fill with items by yourself. The pockets on the calendar were never quite large enough for both mine and my brother’s chocolate, so we always knew which type of chocoate was coming up each day, but I loved that I had a different advent calendar compared to everyone else.


Christmas lights- When I was younger we used to go to one of the towns close by and view all of their Christmas lights on the houses. There was always one house that was especially amazing, and you could always donate money to charity with the boxes outside their house. Going to view the Christmas lights was always sure to help put you in a festive mood.



BLOGMAS DAY 9- Village Lights Poem

BLOGMAS DAY 9- Village Lights Poem

I absolutely love to write poetry, and because of that, I decided that I would share one of my very own poems on here for very first time, this one having a Christmassy vibe.   Village Lights   A beige jigsaw illuminated by amber light […]

BLOGMAS DAY 7- Christmas Movie Checklist

BLOGMAS DAY 7- Christmas Movie Checklist

What is Christmas time without Christmas movies? One thing that is sure to get you in the festive spirit, every single time without fail, is an absolute binge on Christmas films, all cosy, with a bunch of snacks. So, it’s pretty important that you don’t […]

BLOGMAS DAY 5- Children’s Gift Guide

BLOGMAS DAY 5- Children’s Gift Guide

If you’re still stuck in what to get someone for Christmas, I thought I’d help you out. Throughout Blogmas I’m going to be doing a woman’s and man’s gift guide, but today it’s one for the children. I’ve got a complete mixture of 10 different gifts, including a lot of the most wanted 2017 gifts, for both genders.

1) LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox -£119.00 at Tesco Direct (on sale)

I love how you can really use your imagination with Lego. This new set may be pricey, but definitely looks worth the money. It’s a 5 in 1 set, and obviously you can additionally use the items included in the kit to make whatever you wish.

2) Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty -£13.99 at BrightMinds

With the craze of slime that took over 2017, I thought that this would be a perfect stocking filler. As well as being super stretchy, you can also bounce this putty. Handy for those busy, fiddling hands.

3) Paw Patrol HQ Lookout Playset -£39.99 at Argos

From a popular children’s television show, this is bound to be a hit, and fallen in love with. The only thing I would say is that online a lot of the characters are pictured on the box, although only Chase his and police vehicle are included.

4) Speak Out Kids vs Parents Game -£15.99 at Argos (on sale)

Such a funny game, perfect to involve the whole family. I can definitely see this being played Christmas evening, alongside many board games.

5) WowWee Fingerlings Monkey -£14.99 at Argos

Another stocking filler, and also one of the most wanted presents of 2017. These creatures include 50 animations, responding to a few of your actions as well.

6) Luvabella Doll -£99.99 at Smyths

Now, in my opinion this doll does look a tiny bit creepy with her eyes, and I honestly can’t see how a doll can be worth £100, but this was again in the list of 2017’s most wanted toys. The good thing about Luvabella is that she’s a very interactive doll, with facial expressions changing, giggling, the ability to play games, eat, and learn words and phrases.

7) Hatchimals Glittering Garden -£45.00 at Tesco Direct

These remind me a little bit of a type of toy I used to be obsessed with as a child, which were the Fur Real animals. Each egg contains one Hatchimal. In order for your egg to hatch you have to interact, love and care for your pet first, and then in time they will begin to peck their way out. After hatching you then have to teach them to walk, dance, play and talk.

8) L.O.L Big Surprise Doll -£59.99 at Toys R Us

I’ve included this as it’s one of the most wanted toys of 2017, with 50 mini presents to unwrap inside, including small dolls, which change colour in cold water, and items for them. Although, I have heard from many adults that they are not worth their price, and the toys included inside are not that amazing or good in quality.

9) Tamagotchi -£9.99 at Smyths

I’ve got so many memories of playing with my Tamagotchi, and it’s now 20 years on from them beginning, it would definitely make the perfect stocking filler for any child … as long as they understand how needy these little creatures can be.

10) Rory’s Story Cubes Game -£9.99 at John Lewis

Another game that could be completed with your family on Christmas evening. You roll 9 dice and begin the story using the images on each. There’s no right or wrong answer with this game, but it really helps spark your imagination.




Soooo, today is my 20th birthday. Ekkkk, no longer a teenager!! But, in order to celebrate, I thought it was about time I shared some facts about myself with all of you, so here you go, 20 random facts all about me, Lottie!   1. […]

I’VE BEEN NOMINATED AGAIN- ‘Blogger Recognition Award’

I’VE BEEN NOMINATED AGAIN- ‘Blogger Recognition Award’

I’ve been nominated for another award!! I didn’t even think that I would say that the first time, let alone again! This time around I’ve been nominated for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. I was nominated by the incredible ‘Travels of a Baby Vet’, and I […]

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- You Are Capable…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- You Are Capable…

‘You Are Capable of More Than You Know.’


Strive for the best, no matter how difficult it may seem, because you have the ability to achieve your goals. Work hard, accept the failures as a lesson, and your dreams will become your reality. Each day is a chance for you to grow as a person, and accept new opportunities. So, do just that, because you are capable of so much more than you think and know.


I’ve Been Nominated an Award!

I’ve Been Nominated an Award!

What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award originated in Germany and stands for ‘Favourite Award’. It’s not your normal kind of ‘award’, but rather you become nominated by other bloggers. It’s a way for all bloggers to connect, and also to help to broaden […]

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