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I’ve got a massive treat for you all!! ‘Maddie’s Market’ is an online shop that sells all-natural skincare products, and I’ve been lucky enough to offer you all the chance to get 15% off your order!! So, head over to https://maddiesmarket.net/, and use the promo […]

BLOGMAS DAY 14- 2017 Christmas Lipsticks

BLOGMAS DAY 14- 2017 Christmas Lipsticks

I love wearing red and berry coloured lipsticks, so December is the perfect time of year for me. And so, to show you just how much I love my winter lipsticks I’m going to share my favourites with you, as they’re definitely a necessity for […]

Top 10 Christmas Lipsticks -BLOGMAS DAY 2

Top 10 Christmas Lipsticks -BLOGMAS DAY 2

So, what better to talk about other than makeup?! I’m completely lipstick obsessed, especially when it comes to the ‘Kate Moss’ range by Rimmel. But, we need to be prepared this festive season, and with parties and social events around every corner what’s more needed than lipstick?! Fine, get yourself a cute dress and shoes first… but seriously, lipstick is a must, and therefore these are my ‘Top 10 Christmas Lipsticks’, that won’t break the bank.

For me, Winter lipsticks can get split into two categories, the first being the red/pinky colours and all things girly and sparkly, which are all so perfect for Christmas and New Year parties.

The brands included beneath are Rimmel ‘Kate Moss’, and Bellapierre. Both of these brands are moisturising, non-drying lipsticks that stay put without the worry of needing to reapply every minute of your day.



And then you have the darker shades, like the berry purples, and deep reds. These are still great for going out in, although they are also more wearable in day to day life. The brands I’ve included for these shades are Soap and Glory, NYX, Rimmel and Sleek. The perfect thing about the Sleek lip colours is that they are Matte, and firstly do not dry out your lips at all, but also stay put for hours on end!



So, I hope you found this post useful and can get yourselves a couple of cute colours for this Winter season!!


-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)




I know that this isn’t my ordinary Sunday blog post, but today I wanted to take the opportunity to ask anyone and everyone who views my blog about any improvements I could make. I have a little more free time at the moment, due to […]

My Makeup Brushes

My Makeup Brushes

I thought that within a couple of blog posts I would show you my makeup collection, (although there isn’t much to show). Today I thought I would share the makeup brushes that I use. I don’t own many, as the few that I have, are the only ones that I need. My brushes consist of one main brand, bareMinerals. I am hoping in time I can build on this small collection of brushes, and I’m considering purchasing some from Real Techniques, although the main problem there is the price, as they are quite expensive.

IMGP7256 (640x254)

These are all of my makeup brushes. As I said I don’t have many, but these do the job just fine!!

IMGP7262 (640x92)

This is the only one of my brushes that isn’t by bareMinerals. This one is by Urban Decay, and I didn’t actually individually purchase it, as it came with my Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow palette. I love this brush so much though!! It comes in so handy, as it has both a wider eyeshadow brush, and a thinner, tapered eyeshadow brush.

IMGP7260 (640x69)

IMGP7259 (640x86)

These are my other eyeshadow brushes. The tapered brush by bareMinerals is very similar to the one by Urban Decay, so if I knew previous to getting the Urban Decay palette, I probably wouldn’t have doubled up on my brushes. As well as this, I probably prefer the tapered brush by Urban Decay, as it is not so stiff. I find that my brush from bareMinerals will tug at the skin, and I am always self conscious when using it, as it is quite rough on the skin.

Whereas my other eyeshadow brush by bareMinerals is amazing! The soft focus brush is by far my favourite brush ever!! It can be used for so many eyeshadow situations. I find that it is so good for both applying colour over the whole of the lid, as well as focusing in on the crease and outer corner. Although, my favourite thing about this brush is its ability to blend my eyeshadow. As it is so soft, it doesn’t pull or tug at my lid. I just can’t praise this brush enough, and in my opinion, if you only wanted one brush for your eyes, this is definitely the one to go for!!

IMGP7258 (640x119)

IMGP7257 (640x285)

My last two brushes are my concealer and powder brushes. Both of these are also by bareMinerals. I use the max coverage concealer brush, and the flawless face brush.

It wasn’t too long ago that I began wearing more makeup. Before I would often attempt using makeup, but never liked the consistency and the feeling on my face, I definitely didn’t gel with liquid foundations and concealers, and they just put me off makeup altogether. Eventually I got back into using makeup, and decided to purchase bareMinerals powder concealer and foundation. I absolutely loved using it, and found it a complete lifesaver for me. This is the same time that I bought all of these bareMinerals brushes. Only a couple of months back, I got back into using my liquid foundation and concealer, and this time have had a much better experience with it, and have swapped my daily makeup routine for these again at the moment.

I used to use the max coverage concealer brush with my powder concealer, but just seem to use my hands with my liquid, (I know… not the best thing to do). I also don’t use a brush for my foundation. Although, I would use a brush if I had one. Te main reason that I don’t use a foundation brush is that haven’t got one currently, and that I am doing fine the way I am.

So those are all of my amazing makeup brushes that I love to use! I use the majority of these on a daily basis, and find them so great!! I would especially recommend the soft focus brush and the flawless face brush by bareMinerals!!

Let me know in the comments about your favourite brushes and some that I should maybe try out, and let me know your experiences if you have used any of these brushes shown above!


"If plan A doesn’t work, don’t worry."

"If plan A doesn’t work, don’t worry."

“If plan A doesn’t work, don’t worry, the alphabet has 25 more letters” This is a great quote to keep in mind. It is actually quite similar to the first quote I posted, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll still land among […]

Tanya Burr Lip gloss ~ ‘Picnic in the Park’ Review

Tanya Burr Lip gloss ~ ‘Picnic in the Park’ Review

I have had this lip gloss for a while now, and wear it on a daily basis. I often check out Tanya’s videos on YouTube, and so heard immediately when these were released, which seems like so long ago now, way over a year! But […]

This or That Tag!

This or That Tag!

I thought that I would try out doing a tag today. So, I thought that the This and That tag would be a great one to begin with!
Blush or bronzer
For me it would have to be bronzer, even though I don’t really use either. The reason for this is that I have such rosy cheeks, using blusher would just look ridiculous on me.
Lip gloss or lipstick
For the longest time I would swear by lip gloss, but recently I wear lipsticks all the time! So my answer would have to be lipstick.
Eye liner or mascara
Mascara. Without it my whole face looks dull, as my eyelashes always seem to look so short naturally, due to about half of their length being blonde.
Foundation or concealer
I know this seems weird, but concealer. I know that with foundation you can just add more in problem areas, but my main problem is under eye darkness and circles. I have very few blemishes; well I have been lucky up until this point. So I might as well just use concealer.
Neutral or colour eye shadow
Neutral!! I love using all of my coppers and bronzes!!
Pressed or loose eye shadows
Pressed, I’m way too messy for loose!
Brushes or sponges
Brushes, as I use powder foundation and concealer.

OPI or China Glaze
Long or short
Acrylic or natural
Natural, but healthy.
Bright or dark
Usually I would say bright, but recently I have been gravitating towards navy and beige colours, so I would have to say dark.

Perfume or body mist
Lotion or body butter
Body butter.
Body wash or soap
Body wash.
Lush or other bath company
I would have to say lush, as where I live we don’t have many other bath companies. Although I do love Bath and Body Works, even if I don’t live in America! Hehe.

Jeans or sweat pants
Jeans!! I live in jeans!
Long sleeve of short
Long sleeves, I’m always cold!
Dresses or skirts
Stripes or plaid
Flip flops or sandals
Sandals are so much prettier!
Scarves or hats
Scarves! I have a scarves addiction, I’m serious! I’m always wearing a scarf of some kind!
Studs or dangly earrings
Dangly earrings. Although I don’t currently have my ears pierced (I did but they closed up a couple of years back).
Necklaces or bracelets
Heels or flats
Flats, I think. I do love heels, but I usually tend to wear flats, even if I’m so short.
Jacket or hoodie
Jacket, even though I have many hoodies!
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe
I’ve only heard of forever 21, and they don’t even have one of those near me, but I’ll have to go for that.
Abercrombie or Hollister
Hollister, mainly because I own more Hollister than Abercrombie.

Curly or straight
Straight, on me. Although I love curly hair, I just can’t pull it off.
Bun or ponytail
Bobby pins or butterfly clips
Bobby pins.
Hair spray or gel
Hair spray.
Long or short
Light or dark
Side sweep or full fringe
I prefer a side swept fringe, even though I have a full fringe.
Up or down

Rain or shine
Shine. We have way too much rain where I live!
Summer or winter
Autumn or spring
Chocolate or vanilla

Let me know if you liked this kind of tag and post, and be sure to try this tag out yourself!

BareMinerals Cream Eyeshadow 5-in-1 – Review

BareMinerals Cream Eyeshadow 5-in-1 – Review

I’m a massive fan of BareMinerals and have many of their products. For my past birthday my parents bought me some makeup products. One of these items included the BareMinerals 5-in-1 BB advanced performance cream eyeshadow with SPF 15.  This eyeshadow is so amazing. The […]

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