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‘Reputation’ Review

‘Reputation’ Review

We’ve already established that I’m a crazy Taylor Swift fan, so it was clear to everyone that my excitement for her release of Reputation just could not be contained. So, on Friday 10th November I woke up at a very early 4 o’clock in the […]

Hidden Messages in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Hidden Messages in ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

As a MASSIVE Taylor Swift fan, I found myself awake until 5 AM, eagerly awaiting the release of her new single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. So, you can just imagine my excitement to see the music video! Immediately it can be seen that […]

Best YouTube Comments- Taylor Swift '1989'

Best YouTube Comments- Taylor Swift '1989'

Earlier this year I uploaded a blog post with some of the best, and funniest comments from some of the biggest music hits of 2015. I’ve had really positive responses from that post, and since then I have been wanting to upload another.

So, since I am a MASSIVE Taylor Swift fan, I have decided that it is time to upload some of the best comments from Taylor’s music from her album, ‘1989’.


Blank Space

Every single time!

Blank space, starbucks lovers

With the amount of money she’s earned…

blank space, car repairs



Very clever…

style, will never go out of style

When your joke is wasted…

style, missing s


Out of the Woods

You can always tell who’s a fan…

out of the woods, tailor

Ummm… really?

out of the woods, coldplay


Shake it Off

Each to their own…

shake it off, potato


New Romantics

Every word?

new romantics, quote

Artist mashup…

new romantics, songs


Wildest Dreams

Will this joke ever get old?

wildest dreams, out of style


wildest dreams, lion

When you scrolled too far through the comments…

wildest dreams, lasagna

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